Wanted (alive): Volunteers in Sibiu

Wanted (alive): Volunteers in Sibiu |

05 apr 2007

Reward: inter-cultural experience, training, teamwork, fun and more
Music is at home in Sibiu

Music is at home in Sibiu |

14 mar 2007

Concerts which you don’t want to miss are taking place in Sibiu and surroundings!
Giacomo Manzu Exhibition

Giacomo Manzu Exhibition |

13 mar 2007

Giacomo Manzu, by the real name of Giacomo Manzoni, was the best known Italian sculptor of the 20th century. Although he was a communist (he won the Lenin Peace Prize in 1965) he was also regarded as an important modern artist by the western museums and collectors.
Sibiu – important destination for tourists from all over Europe

Sibiu – important destination for tourists from all over Europe |

10 mar 2007

The presence of Sibiu at the International Berlin Tourism Fair will definitely make it a popular tourist destination this year and hopefully in the future.
Caricature exhibition on different aspects related to the European Union...

Caricature exhibition on different aspects related to the European Union... |

05 mar 2007

The works of the most famous caricaturists from the 10 countries which joined the EU in 2004 will be presented to the public.
Extraordinary concerts at the THALIA concert hall.

Extraordinary concerts at the THALIA concert hall. |

05 mar 2007

This week in Sibiu: two concerts with special guests for music lovers.
ASTRA FILM Sibiu 2007

ASTRA FILM Sibiu 2007 |

01 mar 2007

Astra Film is an international film festival of documentary film and visual anthropology which takes place from the 22 – 28 October, but the organisers will present documentaries from the Astra Collection almost daily during the year of the Cultural European Capital.
Get “A private view” of the “Folk spirit”

Get “A private view” of the “Folk spirit” |

01 mar 2007

Exhibition organised by ART VO Gallery.
This week at the National Theatre Radu Stanca

This week at the National Theatre Radu Stanca |

01 mar 2007

Do not miss the opportunity to see the performance of “The Seagull” by A. P. Cehov on the 3rd or 4th March!
Save the steam train!

Save the steam train! |

20 feb 2007

New online petition created by the communities on Valea Hartibaciului for reintegration of the steam train.
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Photos récentes
Council Square

Council Square


Mon village, mon église et mes histoires - 15 EUR

Johann Schaas, administrateur de l'église saxonne de Richis (en allemand: Reichesdorf, Reichersdorf; en hongrois: Riomfalva) raconte en dialecte saxonne ses mémoires pittoresques des endroits de Transylvanie qui lui sont chers et qu'il a refusé de quitter, même si le contexte historique n'était pas favorable. Film documentaire, 52 minutes Sous-titres: français, roumain, anglais, allemand, italien, hongrois
Les saisons transylvaines
Les saisons transylvaines
A chaque saison son charme... pres fleurissants, festival automnal, fraicheur des enceintes, paysages enneiges... la Transylvanie se distingue par ses hivers rudes et ses etes tres ensoleilles.
Visites indispensables
Visites indispensables
Une fois sur place, il y a certaines choses à ne surtout pas manquer . Voici quelques conseils...
Arôme local
Arôme local
Pour une reelle experience de la Transylvanie, il convient avant tout de gouter aux saveurs locales.
Les eglises fortifiees representent un phenomene unique et interessant. Il n'en existe qu'a tres peu d'endroits en Europe. En Transylvanie, on en trouve plus de 300..
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