Transilvania GeoQuest 2009

Transilvania GeoQuest 2009 |

19 may 2009

Do you have a GPS? Let’s go for some treasure hunting in Transilvania!
PhotoRaid Mai Verde

PhotoRaid Mai Verde  |

08 may 2009

Nowadays we have to deal with an invasion of photographers.
A new Cultural Heritage Info Center in Rasnov

A new Cultural Heritage Info Center in Rasnov |

29 apr 2009

The public inauguration will take place on 1st May, in the citadell of Rasnov.

Garden-Atelier |

05 apr 2009

In the framework of an international Garden-Workshop, taking place on the Easter-weekend from April, 9th to 13th 2009, the garden of the Fortified Church in Apold is going to be explored jointly by the participants of the workshop and playfully treated by gardening and artistic interventions.
Homemade Fair Reloaded

Homemade Fair Reloaded |

03 apr 2009

Homemade Fair Reloaded in Cluj Napoca, Casa Tranzit (str. Baritiu nr. 16) on 4 April between 12 and 8 p.m.
Photograpy exhibition, Targu Mures

Photograpy exhibition, Targu Mures |

04 oct 2008

Synagogues of southern Transilvania
The annual meeting of the Saxons

The annual meeting of the Saxons |

19 sep 2008

"Alive Community" is the motto of the 18th annual meeting of the Saxons, meeting which will be held in Biertan on the 20th of September.
International Cabbage Rolls Festival

International Cabbage Rolls Festival |

14 sep 2008

The tourism is a good way to promote the culture, and vice versa. In the Salt region a lot of etono-cultural tradition was survived because of cultural isolation. It's interesting to mention the ,,games " during the cold days of the year, culminate in ,,funerals of winter" in the end.
Photography exibition

Photography exibition |

15 aug 2008

This photo exhibition attempts to capture the interesting transitional stage in which Romania now finds itself – with the entrance of outside, foreign investors and NGOs, some synagogues have been or are being restored and turned into cultural centres or finding other alternative uses.
Karpat Klezmer

Karpat Klezmer |

26 jul 2008

Karpat Klezmer is a newly formed group comprised of some of the best young musicians playing klezmer music, traditional music of the Jews of Eastern Europe.
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Photos récentes
Council Square

Council Square


Album Photos - 15 EUR

Decouvrez la Terra Ultrasilvana, le pays au-delà des forets, un paysage culturel préservé, pratiquement inchangé au cours des siècles. Explorez l'image vivante du Sud de la Transylvanie à travers plus de 200 extraordinaires photographies. English / Deutsch, 128 pages, 21 X 28 cm
Les saisons transylvaines
Les saisons transylvaines
A chaque saison son charme... pres fleurissants, festival automnal, fraicheur des enceintes, paysages enneiges... la Transylvanie se distingue par ses hivers rudes et ses etes tres ensoleilles.
Visites indispensables
Visites indispensables
Une fois sur place, il y a certaines choses à ne surtout pas manquer . Voici quelques conseils...
Arôme local
Arôme local
Pour une reelle experience de la Transylvanie, il convient avant tout de gouter aux saveurs locales.
Les eglises fortifiees representent un phenomene unique et interessant. Il n'en existe qu'a tres peu d'endroits en Europe. En Transylvanie, on en trouve plus de 300..
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